Each acoustic piano

has a soul of its own

Its touch and sound gives the artist feedback from multiple senses.

The craftsman or technician performing the restoration must have extensive knowledge and be able to understand and obtain optimal results consistently.

  • Vintage pianos
  • Piano crafstmanship
  • Piano restoration

From 1850's square grand pianos to modern, concert grand pianos, Mark J. Phillips has restored, and remanufactured many vintage pianos, replacing scores of sound boards, pinblocks, strings and action parts to restore the piano's full dynamic range of tone and playability. His craftsmanship has benefitted music professors, teachers, artists and students from private homes to universities. Since opening his own business, Mark has never had a product returned. He gives each piano individual attention and only uses the finest wood and materials to match the artist’s taste and the piano’s specific geometry. In order to achieve customer satisfaction, Mark combines his experienced workmanship and excellent materials to make each instrument the best it can be.